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Term 4, Oct-Dec 2013

Maronite History *NEW*

Peter El Khouri (Live @ St Josephs Croydon)
Tuesdays: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Oct 15 - Nov 19 (6 weeks)

The topic opens with the rise of Christianity, the St Maroun (+c. 423), who inspired monasticism and eremitism in Syria, and the foundation of the Monastery of St Maroun shortly after the Council of Chalcedon. It covers the clashes with non-Chalcedonian Christians, Muslim persecution, Maronite emigration to Mount Lebanon under Patriarch Yuhanna Maroun, Maronite orthodoxy, and the re-establishment of relations between the Maronites and Rome, including the founding of the Maronite College in Rome in 1584. The topic closes with modern Maronite history.

Letters of St Paul

Thomas Waugh (Live @ Lidcombe)
Thursdays: 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Oct 17 - Dec 5 (8 weeks)

St Paul brought Christ to the non-Jewish peoples of the ancient world. He is also the human author of much of the New Testament. In this close study of his writings and life we discover how he persuaded his world to embrace Jesus Christ. Many insights into how we can do our part to spread the Good News today will be gained from the study.

Theology of the Body

Fr Anthony Percy (Live @ Lidcombe)
Nov 25 & 26

How do we teach human sexuality to young people in a positive way? What does the Catholic Church really teach about sex? Beginning with Pope John Paul II's comprehensive teaching about the human person, often called the Theology of the Body, this topic will survey the Catholic Church's teaching on the human person. From the original intention of God for man and woman, we draw some practical wisdom in caring for married and unmarried persons in all vocations and occupations. The topic presents a genuinely Catholic approach to issues of morality concerning our body.
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The Virtues

Fr Bernard Gordon (Live @ Lidcombe)
Thursdays: 8.15pm - 9.45pm
Oct 17 - Dec 5 (8 weeks)

The virtues perfect us as human beings and predispose us to acts conducive to our happiness with others and God. The topic studies the Cardinal Virtues that perfect our practical thinking about what is most important, Prudence; our reverence for our proper desires, Temperance; our ability to act with determination for the good, Fortitude; our ability to give each his due, Justice; our sharing in the thinking of God, Faith; our trust in His Goodness, Hope; our friendship with Him, Charity.

New World New Pentecost, New Church: The Mission of Catholics Today

Peter John McGregor (Offsite @ Melkite Welfare Association Office)
Wednesdays: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Oct 16 - Nov 20 (6 weeks)

Come and discover your mission in the Church today! Come and learn about the "New Evangelisation"! Come and see how you can be a Christian, a "little christ", in the world!
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